How to Get Massive Traffic Using Social Bookmarking Sites

What is social bookmarking? According to Wikipedia, it “is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online.” It is quite a fairly new term, coined by Delicious in 2003. But a lot of people already recognize it as a method to increase money making. How? Read on.The term is somewhat difficult to define, but we’ll try to define it as simple as possible. You know when you visit your favorite website and you love that website so much because of the content and products they probably have for sale that you bookmark it. A bookmark is an internet browser tool to allow you to easily revisit a website without typing in their complete address. Because let’s face it, website addresses are something rarely remembered by people. So instead of you thinking, What was that website address again, all you have to do is click on the bookmark and they take you to that website or link.Now, what is social bookmarking? It is a way for you to share your favorite bookmarks to people you know and they are able to visit the websites or links that you found interesting. It allows you to save it to the web instead of your web browser, thus making it easier to share with your friends.Now it is important to differentiate it from social networking. Social bookmarking is not social networking. The latter term entails a person to be able to share the links they just visited into their social network profiles like Facebook or Twitter. Social networking does not necessarily mean that they will bookmark your link or website. Sometimes social bookmarking may be more effective than social networking because the social bookmarking sites put your website on a list depending on the number of visitors that found your website interesting and bookmarked it. That way visitors of social bookmarking sites are able to know which websites are relevant and interesting or worth the visit.There are many social bookmarking websites out there at least, more than a hundred. Some are more often used than others like Delicious, Digg, and Stumbleupon. As their names suggests, these websites just allow people to wire in websites they find interesting and introduce it to people who might have the same interests as them.Social bookmarking and social networking are powerful tools to increase traffic to your website. Of course, what is social bookmarking and its benefits if your website does not have specific topics or pertinent matters worth sharing. Encourage sharing of your links by viewers by making your content more relevant and able to address common questions of people’s questions or put in content that is interesting and funny.

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